Searching for a refreshing beverage that is truly good for you? Look no further!

Ginger. Lime. Mint. Cinnamon. Gingerona™ is four natural ingredients brewed together, putting nature's powerful synergies to work for you. Simplicity is its power—nothing added, nothing taken away.

Enjoy the bold taste of ginger with the sweetness of cinnamon and lime paired with the coolness of mint. Satisfy your thirst for living well.

We've dedicated ourselves to making a superior beverage that is good for you. We invite you to take a closer look and see for yourself.


No concentrates, nothing artificial, just real fresh ingredients brewed slowly and carefully.-selector

No concentrates, nothing artificial, just real fresh ingredients brewed slowly and carefully.

Living healthy isn't a fad to us. It's our way of life, and it's embodied in Gingerona™. We've devoted years to creating a natural beverage that is healthy and filled with bold flavor. Many others cut corners and take shortcuts: concentrates, extracts, artificial flavors, sugar or sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, etc. You will never see any of these in Gingerona™. We are true to doing things the right way, the old fashioned way - because you don't accept anything less. We're ever mindful of what goes into Gingerona™ because you care about what goes into your body.

Our ingredients were specifically chosen because of their natural benefits and how their flavors mingle synergistically to create a truly original taste. The ingredients don't come from a packet, and they aren't manufactured in a lab. They are planted, grown, and harvested. We keep them whole as nature intended. Then time and great care goes into slowly brewing them. We've invested to preserve what is real and good so you can enjoy Gingerona™ knowing you're having nature's best.

Gingerona's™ authenticity is unmistakable from the first sip. We're proud to bring you this remarkably original and wholesome drink with only five calories. Keep reading to learn more about Gingerona's™ wonderful ingredients and why they make Gingerona™ so different.


Ginger has been renowned for millennia for its medicinal as well as aromatic and culinary properties. Its use has been mentioned in Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and ancient Roman texts. There is extensive recorded history of ginger's use by many cultures to treat a wide variety of health conditions. Today, there is strong evidence that ginger has very beneficial properties; and below are links to select studies detailing the positive impact of ginger on health.

Study finds that use of ginger is associated with reduced inflammation of the colon.
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Studies show that daily ginger consumption helps ease muscle pain.
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University of Maryland Medical center recommends taking ginger to alleviate menstrual cramping and pain.
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Ginger contains inherent anti-cramping and pain-reducing compounds that are beneficial in treating menstrual cramps.
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Double-blind trial finds that ginger is beneficial to decreasing the severity of dysmenorrhea.
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University of Maryland Medical center recommends Ginger to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, and reducing inflammation.
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Clinical study supports using ginger as a antiemetic and anti-nausea agent for pregnancy, motion sickness, and chemotherapy.
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Gingerona™ is proud to partner with SupHerb Farms as its trusted ginger supplier. SupHerb Farms offers natural, easy-to-use fresh flavor in a variety of IQF herbs and specialty vegetables. Their IQF products provide consistent, high quality, with more locked-in flavor, color and texture.


The origins of limes are believed to date back hundreds of years to Southeast Asia. The use of limes began to spread as Arab traders imported lime trees from their travels to Asia and brought them into Egypt and North Africa in the 10th Century. The limes eventually spread throughout Europe and were highly valued by British explorers and traders for their high content of Vitamin C which was crucial in preventing scurvy. The lime's reputation for aiding with health put it in great demand by miners during the California Gold Rush era. Today, the powerful properties in limes have not been forgotten and they are still used as part of many health regimens.

Limes are rich in phyonutrients and antioxidants that promote optimal health.
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Lime juice supports a healthy immune system and promotes heart health.
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Study finds that limes provide protection against rheumatoid arthritis.
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Limes shown to have properties beneficial in preventing the spread of cancer.
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Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices. It is referenced in the Bible as well as in one of the earliest Chinese botanical medicine texts. Cinnamon was also used by ancient Egyptians for flavoring drinks and supporting health, as well as an embalming agent. The spice became so highly prized that it was viewed as more precious than gold by ancient cultures. Cinnamon's fame grew immensely throughout history and it became a regularly traded commodity in Europe. This fragrant spice is known to have many uses and contemporary studies have shown cinnamon to be imbued with various healthful properties.

Study shows that cinnamon improves glucose tolerance and lowers lipids levels of people with Type 2 Diabetes.
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Cinnamon aids in reducing postprandial blood glucose and gastric emptying without affecting satiety.
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Data from a double-blind clinical trial suggests that cinnamon may have an effect on glycemic status indicators.
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Study shows that cinnamon may promote regularity of the menstrual cycle in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
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Gingerona™ is proud to partner with Badia Spices as its trusted cinnamon supplier. For more than 30 years, Badia has been a supplier of premium ingredients from all corners of the world. Gingerona's™ cinnamon comes from Indonesia and is of extremely high quality. This same cinnamon can be found in many retailers throughout the Southeastern U.S.


Mint is believed to have originated in Asia and the Mediterranean, and its various uses can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Over the centuries, the herb has been used in many ways, ranging from a cleansing agent and an aromatic for baths, to cooking, and breath freshening. It is also widely known that mint contains vitamins and minerals that are important to maintaining good health.

Mint aids in healthy digestion and alleviating indigestion.
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Mint is a rich source of antioxidants that are important to health and wellness.
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Study finds that mint may offer anti-cancer benefits.
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Gingerona™ is proud to partner with Natural Forest as its trusted mint supplier. Natural Forest is a grower, importer, and shipper of specialty produce. The company sources Gingerona's™ mint from a Colombian farm where it is freshly cut, air shipped to Miami, Florida, and then transported to Alabama for production.


As ancient as the earth itself, water is the most fundamental building block of life. Most of our body is made of water, making it an essential component to our health and wellness. Water plays a key role in a wide variety of health factors … from flushing out toxins and supporting kidney function to maintaining hydration. No matter how you look at it, water is the most refreshing natural element on earth.

Why Gingerona


Your health is your greatest asset; what you put into your body matters. Gingerona™ combines four healthful ingredients and water. After drinking Gingerona™ for a few days many have reported feeling better. Though we have not performed any clinical studies on the beverage, ample published studies on the individual ingredients have demonstrated the health benefits of them all. We believe that when the ingredients are combined, the benefits are magnified—this is what we call putting nature's powerful synergies to work for you.

Refresh. Rejuvenate. Enjoy.

Refresh. Rejuvenate. Enjoy.

Proper hydration is important because it is directly correlated to the body's metabolism. Through hectic workdays, daily errands, and exercising, we can easily lose the water that our bodies require. Gingerona™ is a convenient and flavorful way to help rehydrate the body and at the same time ingest natural healthy compounds.

Gingerona™ delivers a flavor that is bold, spicy with some sweetness, and cool. Sip by sip you'll dive into a flavorful experience filled with layers that awaken your senses. We have intentionally chosen ingredients that combined taste like nothing else you've ever tried and hit you like a breath of fresh air.

You deserve to feel better – living with less pain and feeling more relaxed. Enjoy Gingerona™ throughout the day.

The Process

Simple and Natural

Our process for making Gingerona™ is simple and natural, and doesn't involve any operations that you couldn't perform in your home kitchen. It would take you a lot of time and each of the four ingredients can be a bit expensive … and of course, that's if we shared our “secret recipe” of how to mix them and brew them that took us years to refine - we won't!

Oftentimes, commercial beverages are made by mixing extracts, manufactured syrups, beverage bases, and sugar or sweeteners in huge tanks, then filling thousands of bottles per minute.

simple-and-natural Image

Gingerona™ is different … you might say we are a throwback to old-fashioned ways, when process and quality were paramount. We start by sourcing high-quality wholesome ingredients in their whole, raw form - not powders or extracts. This is the core of Gingerona™. After preparing them thoroughly, we take our time in slowly brewing them together in that same whole form, including the rinds of limes and barks of cinnamon that contain essential flavonoids. This unique brewing process can't be rushed as it's important to unlocking the inherent health properties and in creating Gingerona's™ bold flavor. Finally, we cool the brew and run Gingerona™ through our small, batch-size bottling machine.

Yes, that's all there is to it!

Simple, natural, and what we feel is the right way to make a wholesome beverage. Why complicate what nature so perfectly created?