Vladimir Kamenko
President & Founder

Vladimir, a U.S. citizen, was born in 1949 in Moscow, Russia, and spent the first 23 years of his life in Riga, Latvia. He grew up in a house with an organic fruit and vegetable garden and always cherished the nostalgia of quality food. He was a nationally ranked table tennis player, which allowed him to travel the USSR until he immigrated to the U.S. in 1974. Vladimir attended the University of Miami where he received his bachelor's degree in 1983.

To say Vladimir is health conscious is a major understatement. Believing that health is priceless, Vladimir has adhered to a very strict eating regimen and active lifestyle for almost 40 years. He has studied many approaches to health and wellness and immersed himself in what he decided is the most beneficial to his well-being. As a result, Vladimir has not had a reason to see a medical doctor for over 35 years. He has a fervent passion for helping others take control of their health and, to some extent, Gingerona™is the fruit of this passion. Not a day passes without Vladimir consuming at least two bottles of Gingerona™.

Vladimir ensures that the company stays true to his vision and leads the sales, marketing, and external-facing activities of Gingerona™.

Gingerona™ Origins

Gingerona™, as it is known today, was born in 2009. While on vacation in the Caribbean, Vladimir saw a vessel that looked like a samovar (an antique Russian tea kettle) that offered spa patrons a hot pure ginger brew to aid in their rejuvenation. Vladimir, already familiar with ginger's benefits, drank the tea for a full seven days and felt the benefits but thought the taste was awful. Upon returning home to Miami Beach, he was consumed by the desire to figure out how to make the beverage more palatable and even healthier. Vladimir tinkered with ingredients and the production process for about four years until he finally found the right composition in 2012.

In Vlad's words: "It's like a fairy tale. My mission to improve the health and well-being of others will finally materialize with this exceptionally healthy beverage. It's exhilarating to think about the impact Gingerona™ can have for people's well-being."