Gingerona™ Partners with Digital Attic®

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For several years, Gingerona™ co-founders Vladimir Kamenko and Jean-Marc Rotsaert diligently worked to set the stage for introducing their new beverage to the nation. In 214, their hard work was paying off; but a strong marketing partner was a critical missing piece. The passionate executives contacted Digital Attic in May while interviewing a number of firms from across the nation. From the beginning, it was clear that Digital Attic's ® creative professionals and suite of digital marketing services was the right fit for Gingerona™.

Over the next several months, the Digital Attic ® team worked closely with Gingerona™ in developing a brand identity, bottle label, and web site. This team's ability to respond quickly was critical as the newly formed company was rapidly heading into its first production runs and holding meetings with interested commercial buyers. Kamenko and Rotsaert have always known that Gingerona™ was something special, and now they had a marketing partner to help them show the world just how special it is.

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